About Us

Fast. Easy. Affordable.

Fast. Easy. Affordable.

MyBizMailer was created in response to the need for fast, easy, and affordable web based email marketing tools that would let marketers of all backgrounds easily manage their email based marketing strategies, sales, and promotional campaigns. It is our mission to create digital solutions that our customers can use with little or no technical background.

MyBizMailer is an email marketing company built by a group of marketers and techies for marketers and non-marketers alike. We're currently located in Yonkers, NY, United States and Toronto, ON, Canada. We love helping small to medium sized business with their email marketing needs. We have a driving passion to help you get into your subscribers inbox faster and prices that you can afford.

Businesses use MyBizMailer to easily create and send highly personalized emails to subscribers and customers to build stronger relationships, increase traffic and sales, and expand their businesses.

The Advantages of MyBizMailer.

Email Marketing is the silent workhorse of your marketing mix. It tirelessly works for your business day and night. With MyBizMailer you get hassle-free online email marketing that helps you get the results you want. We take care of the complicated stuff so you don't have to.