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Last Updated: 6/13/2013 11:08:29 AM

How do I upgrade my plan or change my plan type?

As your business grows your email/subscriber list grows as well. When using email marketing, it is essential to understand how to effectively use email marketing to your advantage. At MyBizMailer, we have different plans depending on the size of your email list and/or the number of messages you send per month.

To upgrade your plan, please follow the instructions below: 


  1. Make sure that you're logged into your MyBizMailer account.
  2. Hover over the "Dashboard" area and then click on "Account Settings"

    Account Settings

    You will then be taken to the "Account Settings and Information" page which looks like this

    Account Settings and Information page
  3. Click on "Upgrade Plan or Buy Credit" button which is found on your Account SettingsHow to Change Plan
  4. Once you have located your “Upgrade Plan or Buy Credit” option, you can now see information on your current plan. On your left hand side you will find information regarding your plan type, billing due date, plan charges, and total number of emails/subscribers allowed to send based on your current plan.

    On your right hand side, you will find account statistics, and credits/subscribers used so far. You can now see what type of plan will best fit your needs based on the size of your email/subscriber list.How to Change Plan
  5. After choosing your desired plan, you will be asked to put your credit card and your address information in order to complete your transaction. After your transaction is completed, you will be able to use your new plan right away. Your next billing date will be one month after your upgrade and your account will be charged automatically.

    How to Change Plan



You have now upgraded your plan and are ready to take your business to a new level.

Remember, you can always contact us if you have any trouble when changing your plan or anything else you need help with. We're always here to help you!