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Last Updated: 6/5/2013 1:24:21 PM

How does the approval process work?

At MyBizMailer we're obsessed over providing you with an amazingly reliable service and outstanding deliverability rates.

One way that we do that is to ensure that our email servers are not being abused by spammers. We also do our best to make sure that the people that are "following the rules" and running above the board campaigns are following best practices when it comes to sending emails to their lists.

One of the efforts that we put in place is the "Hold & Approval Process" and in this article we're going to walk you through the ins and outs of it, how it applies to you (there's four possible ways) and the steps to go through it with ease.

Here's what we're going to be covering in this article: 


When would my Campaign be placed on hold? 

There are four possible situations that will have your campaigns be placed on hold and where you'll have to go through the approval process.

Situation 1: New Client

Situation 2: Hard-Bounce Rates of More Than 10% On Campaigns

Situation 3: A Complaint Rate of 0.05% or Higher On Campaigns 

Situation 4: Insufficient Credits 

Situation 1: New Client

The first time you go to send a campaign via MyBizMailer your account will go through the "Hold & Approval" process. We know that you're super-excited about sending out your first newsletter or exclusive offer and that this may slow that process down a ittle bit - but it's worth it in the end.

We want to ensure that all our clients are "playing by the rules" that way we can stay in the good books with email companies like Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc. And by doing a "quality" check on your account we can make sure that our email servers are whitelisted (which is good) and that all your emails can be delivered successfully to your clients.

(Below we'll go through the actual steps of the process) 

Situation 2: Hard-Bounce Rates of More Than 10%

A Hard-Bounce-Rate represent the percentage of sent emails that cannot be delivered. Bounces can either be hard or soft. Hard bounces happen when an email campaign is sent to an invalid email address. Soft bounces happen when the actual users email server encounters some sort of problem or issue like the user email inbox has reached its max quota and is over capacity.

High bounce rates negatively affect your sender reputation and impact your delivery rates.

Situation 3: A Complaint Rate of 0.05% or Higher

Nowadays a lot of people use email clients like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail etc. to send and receive email. Within these applications is the ability to send feedback about the emails a user receives. If for some reason a person who received your email marks it as spam this then sends a signal back to us and gets registered within your MyBizMailer account as a "Complaint". Most email marketers fall below the 0.5% complaint threshold when you follow the double-opt-in process which MyBizMailer adheres to.

Situation 4: Insufficient Credits

Your account will be placed on hold and you will have to go through the approval process if you have run out of credits on your particular account. (In this instance you do not have to go through the complete approval process as is the case in the other 3 situations. For this instance, when you don't have enough credits available in your account, all you'd have to do is purchase more credits by upgrading your account.) 


Will I have to go through the approval process more than once?

No - If your campaigns have Hard Bounce Rates below 10% and Complaint Rates lower than 0.05% then you should not have to go through this process again.

Your account may go on “hold” again if your total complaint rate goes higher than 0.1%


How do I start the approval process? 

The approval process is triggered automatically within the MyBizMailer system once you start creating campaigns to send out to your subscribers.

Here's an overview of the process: (On your end)

  1. Create a new campaign with your newsletter/email ready to be sent out to your subscribers
  2. When you reach the final step to schedule and send out your newsletter your account will be placed on "hold" and the "approval" process will have begun 
  3. You will be alerted of this process within your MyBizMailer dashboard

Here's an overview of the process: (On our end)

  1. We are notified that your campaign has been placed on hold
  2. We then go into your account to review your subscriber list and the creative content of your campaign
  3. If everything looks good then we release the hold and we'll send you an email confirming that your campaign is now ready to be sent out 


How can I speed up the approval process?

We recommend setting up a campaign and triggering the process a couple of days before you're actually ready to send out your 1st newsletter.

Additional ways to speed up the process:

  • Give us a call once your account has been placed on hold
  • Send us a support ticket from your MyBizMailer dashboard


How long does the approval process take? 

We know how important it is to be able to reach out and contact your subscribers. That's why at MyBizMailer we do everything in our power to ensure fast and timely turnaround times in everything that we do(and that includes the approval process). 

So you will have a reply from us within 12 hours (even on weekend and holidays) of your account being placed on hold.


After I'm approved does MyBizMailer automatically send my campaign?

Your campaign will be sent out to your subscribers at the date and time you've scheduled it for.