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How to Upload an Image Using the NEW WYSIWYG Editor

How to Insert An Image

Step 1:  Click on the "Image" icon.

How to insert an image


Step 2:  A new mini-popup window will appear. Click on the "Select" button.

Upload an image - step 2


Step 3: A new window will appear. In the upper left corner you will see an "Upload a file" button. Click on the that.

Insert image - step 3

Step 4: The Screen will then change to look like the screenshot below.

You can either Drag and Drop your files to the middle of that window. Or you can click in the middle of that window and locate your image file.

Insert image step 4

Step 5: A new window will appear. Find your image → click that image → then click the "Open" button.

Insert image - step 5


Step 6: Your image file will now upload to the MyBizMailer server. → Click the "Return to files list" button.

Insert image - step 6

Step 7: Locate the image you just uploaded → then click it.

Insert image - step 7

Step 8: You will now see the Image Properties screen. Here you can adjust and set may things like image dimensions, set the ALT text (Highly recommended), Set the alignment (left or right) 

insert image

Step 9: If you'd like your image to be clickable then → Click the "Link" tab in the "Image Properties" window → Type or past the URL that you'd like your subscribers to go to if they click the image → Click the "OK" button once you're done.

Insert image - step 9
Final Result
Inserting an image final result