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Last Updated: 12/18/2013 2:21:02 PM

How to Use the Image Auto-Detect Functionality When Copying & Pasting HTML

So you have an HTML template that you want to paste into and use with the MyBizMailer platform. And you're wondering if there's a way for the system to autodetect and upload the images that may be stored on your local computer but need to be easily uploaded to the platform so your campaign can be sent out.

Well there is - and this Knowledge Base article will walk you through the steps you need to take in order to make it happen. 

How to Use the Image Auto-Detect Functionality When Pasting Your HTML Template Into the MyBizMailer Platform

Step 1: Create a new campaign → Select the Paste HTML option on the Editor Selection screen

Snag Image 1


Step 2: Highlight the pre-loaded HTML code (click in the window and then use Control A for windows users & Command A for Mac Users) → Delete that code → Paste in the HTML code that you want to use (Control V for windows users & Command V for Mac users) → After your HTML has been pasted successfully Click Next

Snag - Highlight
Snag Paste HTML


Step 3: A new page will load (see screen-shot below) → Click on the browse button → Locate your image(s) from your computer 

Snag Browse for image


Step 4: After you've selected the images from your computer for upload click the "Upload Files" button

Snag upload


Step 5: After you've clicked on the "Upload Files" button you should notice now that the image path should have change from a file on your compute to a file located on the MyBizMailer platform → Click the "Preview Email" button

 Snag preview


Step 6: Preview your message to make sure that everything looks A-OK → Close the preview pop-up window 

Snag popup preview

Step 7: Click on the "Next" button
Snag next step


Final Steps: After you've clicked on the "Next" button you will go through the final steps of creating a campaign which are: Verify the Text Version of your email → Save the Template if you want to use it for future campaigns → Select your Subscribers → Schedule & Send


And that's it!

You've now mastered the art of using the Image Auto-Detect Functionality When Copying & Pasting HTML