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Last Updated: 6/17/2013 2:07:19 PM

What is the Spam Complaint Meter?

How to Understand and Use the Spam Complaint Meter

The Spam Complaint Meter is a tool provided to our clients that measures the spam complaints we receive from their email campaigns. The ratio is calculated based on the total spam complaints received over total emails sent in the past 30 days.

Ideally in a perfect world you would have a Spam Complaint score of Zero(not ever gonna happen). Even the squeakiest of clean email marketers get their emails marked as spam by the subscribers on their list (even subscribers that have gone through the double-opt-in process).

In a future article we'll look at:

* What is a spam complaint?
* How does an email get marked as spam?
* What happens when my email campaign gets marked as spam?
* How am I getting spam complaints if I use a double opt-in process?
* What is an acceptable spam score number?
* How does this effect my account?
* How do I reduce my spam complaint score?

But until then let's get to know and understand the MyBizMailer Spam Complaint Meter. 

The MyBizMailer Spam Complaint Meter Has 3 Stages.

Green stage

Spam Complaint Meter Green

At  this stage the spam complaint rate is lower than 0.1% which is the industry standard recommended by most of the major ISPs. This is your magic number and it should be observed by all senders that would like to have their messages delivered to the subscribers’ inboxes. You're doing great! Your emails are arriving in your subscribers inboxes and just a teeny fraction of all your subscribers are hitting the "mark this as spam" button. (No action is taken against clients on this stage because you're doing amazing email marketing)

Yellow stage:

Spam complaint meter - yellow

This is the warning stage, and it covers complaint rates that are over 0.1% to 0.3%. At this stage we suggest that our clients take immediate action to minimize their spam complaints. Sometimes people new to email marketing may fall into this stage out of pure ignorance. They just honestly don't know that they need permision to email people. Sometimes believing that anyone who's in their personal contact list automatically can be a part of their email newsletter or blast service(they can't). At this stage we may have to put your campaigns on hold for additional review. The MyBizMailer customer care team may contact you to solve the issues that are arising with your campaign.

Red stage:

Spam complaint meter - red

This is the final stage and covers spam complaints that are higher than 0.3%. At this stage your email campaigns will be considered a high spam risk and immediate action will be taken. These actions may include: limiting campaigns sent in a week, requesting content re-writing to lower the spam complaints and campaigns being put on hold permanently. Some accounts may be terminated if complaint rates raise or remains high. Read more on termination of the account on our Terms and Conditions and Anti-Spam Policy